Veterans Transportation NetworkThe Transportation Network, DAV (Disabled American Veterans organization) volunteers drive sick and disabled veterans to and from VA medical facilities for treatment. The Transportation Network is a clear example of veterans helping veterans. The DAV stepped in to meet a substantial community need when the federal government terminated its program that helped many veterans pay for transportation to VA medical facilities. The DAV has 189 Hospital Service Coordinators around the country who coordinate the transportation needs.  Twenty three of those vans are located throughout Michigan. Clare County is fortunate enough to be one of those counties that host a van site.  We pick up veterans in Clare, Harrison, Gladwin and Mount Pleasant. We transport veterans from surrounding counties to Saginaw, Ann Arbor and Detroit VA Medical Centers.

As a new generation of disabled veterans survives devastating injuries in Iraq and Afghanistan and our World War II, Korea and Vietnam veterans’ age, our nation’s heroes need your help. Travel benefit cuts left many vets with no way to get to Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) medical facilities for needed treatment. They’re men and women who answered our country’s call in times of war. Many lost limbs, sight, hearing, or good health.

They may live a great distance from a VA hospital, and because so many exist on small fixed incomes, they find that the cost of transportation to a VA hospital is just too high. They’re left with two choices. They could go without the treatment they need, or skimp on food or other necessities to pay for transportation. Vets disabled in our nation’s service should never face such dire options. DAV and Auxiliary volunteers respond, driving vets to and from VA hospitals and clinics. The DAV has also donated vans, where needed, to make the program work. Other grateful Americans are helping too. It’s all part of the DAV Transportation Network, administered by DAV Hospital Service Coordinators (HSCs) at the VA’s 172 medical centers.

In order to continue this service to our nation’s heroes, we will need to replace our older vehicle. This vehicle has been serviced many times and has almost 200,000.00 miles on it. The process of replacing the van takes months. To be eligible, Clare County Veterans Services must have half the cost of a replacement vehicle. The DAV National Transportation Network will pick up the other half.

We are asking for your help in tax deductible donations towards this cost.  Any amount would be greatly appreciated. I am confident that together we can continue to provide the service to our disabled veterans that they deserve. I am hoping that you will take this opportunity to support our veterans and rally around them in their time of need. I am also open to any suggestions you may have for other fundraising ideas.  All checks should be written to Clare County DAV VAN and mailed to address: 225 W Main St Harrison MI 48625 to my attention.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Karl Hauser